ICE-TCS Theory Day 2010
Friday, 30 April 2010
Room M1.13, Reykjavik University, Menntavegur 1

Welcome session

13:00-13:30 Luca Aceto and Magnus M. Halldorsson (Reykjavik University). ICE-TCS: The first and the next five years.

Keynote session

13:30-14:20 David de Frutos Escrig and Carlos Gregorio Rodriguez (Universidad Complutense Madrid, Spain). Understanding Process Semantics.

Coffee break: 14:20-14:40

Technical Session

14:40-15:05 Pradipta Mitra (Reykjavik University). Entrywise Bounds for Eigenvectors of Random Graphs.
15:05-15:30 Sergey Kitaev (Reykjavik University). Counting (2+2)-free posets by indistinguishable elements and a conjecture of Jovovic.
15:30-15:55 Marjan Sirjani (Reykjavik University). Constraint Automata: Symbolic Execution or not?.

Closing session: 15:55-16:00

Refreshments: 16:00-